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Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Feng Shui Design South West Today I want to introduce how feng shui can be introduced into a design. When I was involved in the launch of a consumer magazine based on Interior Design and feng shui in 1998 it was the world’s first, and only, real interior design approach using feng shui.

I’ve spoken to many designers who want to incorporate it into their projects but don’t know how, and are worried they will lose control of the design if a consultant is brought in. It’s very straightforward as ill show with examples. Firstly, if your studio requires guidance on feng shui this can be given, leaving you with a full design clearance to create in your own style and company branding. I’ll take a standard compass direction, with a typical analysis and advise the schemes and materials you can utilise. The rest is up to you. However, it’s not a blanket analysis but would be tailored to the individual property. Every property is different, even if facing the same direction, that’s where it often confuses people. You don’t need to understand, you just need to get on with the design!

Many people simplify it into basic compass direction and a modern interpretation. North is water so black and blue, and wavy patterns! South is fire so all red an orange, it’s not wrong, it’s just not right.

The best system in Feng Shui is Flying star, where each number 1-9 corresponds to an element, fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Each combination works with or against the other, creating strengths and weakness. For example a water number would feed a wood number, but weaken a fire number.

The chart gives an interpretation of how elements work together, and against each other.

I’m using an example of a property that was built in 1999 when the new owners moved in. the facing direction or energy facing was South West 237 degrees, and at the time, the analysis was calculated on this direction. In feng shui analysis it was also built on the time period of 7, that is built between 1984 and 2004. After that we entered period 8 but the house does not change from 7 unless the owners move out. Confused? It can be, but simple rules make simple decisions.

A detailed analysis would provide more suggestions but as you can see it’s a guide to colours, accessories and layout that helps the designer create harmony in their design.

If it’s a home, a welcome entrance is created, and if a business, or hotel for example, you would create open spaces, perhaps crystal chandeliers and stone floors perhaps instead of wood. Of course if you wanted to use metal which weakens wood, whilst it weakens the wood element, you balance it with water, so the cycle improves the feng shui

Each compass direction has its own guide but still allows flexibility and flow through the property.

I use this foundation in all my designs and doesn’t restrict what I want to do but create a balance.

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