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Working alongside a developer is one of the specialities of Twos Company, Nick and Gilly combine together to create fully working schemes through to close out on a variety of project sizes. The Architectural design skills as well as luxury interior finishes, even on a budget define a developer in these uncertain times. We should not talk ourselves into a recession or slow down but face challenges head on, and Twos Company can do that for you to get ahead of the competition.

If you want to stand out from the completion, create interiors of distinction and variety which other developers can’t or don’t provide, we can help you. Creating 3D designs to show homes are within your grasp and the returns ensure you are capable of achieving asking price through a clear understanding of the property and it’s potential. We create the desire and the need for your buyers, and perhaps bidding wars even off plan.

Unusual spaces, quirky shapes, not a problem, we show the buyer the full potential, making agents life easier, and your investment return higher.

Call Nicholas on 0207 101 0681 to discuss you project and he and Gilly will arrange a meeting to discuss in detail.

Check our latest sales brochure for The V

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