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On a recent visit to a past client to revamp some of the rooms finished 5 years ago, I took a look at the Mural I had painted by Carren Lu in the most difficult circumstanced surrounded by builders electricians and IT guys. It was a nightmare but the end result was stunning. My concept was that being in a basement the client could look across the room at the home she left behind and feel she was still in Chicago. Not photorealistic but contemporary and stylistic. I approached Carren who understood the brief fully, and in fact I commissioned another in the loft once she started.

The top floor bedroom was designed around a London theme. Influenced by Banksy and was designed to fit around the scheme. The mural was hand painted onto a wall bed, both on the headboard and on the base of the bed such that the artwork would be in constant view, even when the bed is closed. The design incorporated a British red telephone box as the main focal point with Big Ben and a traditional Royal Mail postage stamp as the background.

This Kensington project was then featured in ’25 Beautiful Homes’ magazine, London Evening Standard, and featured in various documentaries.

5 years on, knocks and scrapes have taken its toll and I will be getting Carren in to touch it up and look at another artwork to view outside the basement window, but more of that to follow.

I asked Carren to send me some recent commissions and was thrilled when she said I could share them with you.

Here is the classic ‘Paddington Bear’ mural she painted, featuring Paddington Bear at ‘Paddington Station’ with ‘Mr and Mrs Brown’ in the background. Painted in Navy, blues and warm neutrals, the mural matches the scheme perfectly! It only took 2 days to complete and was painted for a little boys bedroom in Byfield, Oxfordshire.

I absolutely love this room! Paddington Bear is a classic theme for a childrens room, perfect for a boy or girl. I hand painted this 3 meter high Paddington Bear Mural for a little girls room in Putney for April Hamilton Interiors. Working with the colours of the fabrics for the scheme, I matched up the paints so that the whole design pulled together.

A Hand Painted blossom branch for a Master Bedroom in Putney, complete with silver leaf on the branches and tiny Swarovski crystals in the flowers. The overall design adds a touch of elegance to the room. The silver leaf mirrors the fabric used on the bed and the down lighters in the ceiling catch the crystals in the blossom. This mural could be used in any room, perfect for a dining room and of course a bedroom.​​

Painted for a private client, this bespoke piece of abstract artwork shows depth and movement. Using dusty Aubergine colours with silver greys, I created this piece for their Dining room.

This hand painted abstract piece was then framed with a Shadow frame.

Carren also creates individual canvas art, something I will be looking to use in my projects

Dabbing a paintbrush into clear water and seeing the colours run and separate is something I love. It’s a peaceful thing to watch. I’ve always wanted to create this same flow of movement into my art and I think I’ve created this. Using water and allowing the paint to flow, moving the canvas to create the design is a calming process. I love how Every piece of artwork is different and you never know how they will turn out. I call this work ‘Running Emotions’.

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