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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Interior Designer or a Consultant?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in interest in Interior design as we sat at home looking at 4 walls. We also had the time not only to think, but do… something in the past which was impossible for many given work constraints. Others may physically not have the interest in doing it themselves, but equally wanted the work carried out. Which one are you?

Interior Design Consultancy Service.

This involves taking a brief, analysing what’s required and producing the designs. All suitable furniture, wall coverings, lighting etc. is recommended and you can go away and carry out the work yourself, use local trades and know exactly what is required. Mood boards, samples, suppliers and prices all compiled on spreadsheets.

The bonus, of course, is that we can if you wish purchase all these things for you, and arrange any discounts and deliveries. It saves you time and money overall, safe in the knowledge that all choices are made in advance, and the design will work whenever and however you wish to carry it out. Fast and simple solutions for a busy lifestyle.

Interior Design service.

The next stage is all of the above design services, but we carry out the work for you. Using our own or local tradespeople for efficiency, managing the project for you to completion. Bathroom and kitchen design and fit-out, Cabinetry, furniture and soft furnishings, from a range of companies on different budgets that you are unlikely to have access to. Its the full management service.


A simple combination of each service. Cherry-pick what is required after the consultation service. The rest is up to you, your budget and how hands-on you want to be. We design, handle various sections but you do the parts you enjoy doing and have hands on input in the overall finish.


Can this work for business? yes of course, different brief but just as adaptable. Many companies need to spread service and minimise disruption on the fit-out. Send me a message and let’s discuss it. like a home, it may be one room or a whole house. In an office, it’s an area/section, or a series of offices to ease disruption. A business can close, so we have to work around it. With a charity, we worked evenings and weekends to fit out spaces. With Barristers, we worked during the summer downtime when few were in the building. Whatever the restrictions, with planning we work with them.

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