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When our Sister Company, 2s Company Interior Design were asked to create the Hotel Room of the Future for the Independent Hotel Show, it raised some interesting questions, not just for the show but my concept of how things had changed over the years.

15 years ago clients asked me to create bedroom suites in their homes that emulated the 5* and Boutique hotel styles they loved and went back for more. Individual styles, elegant opulence but comfort and functionality were paramount. Walking into the room the only thing missing was room service! Now of course technology has taken over in the home.

Wireless fittings, home automation, verbal and visual recognition is in almost every home, even if it’s just an Alexa turning on the lights and streaming music. We now have iPads and tablets, but not 10 years ago, the iPhone XR is now out and elevates the phone to new extremes, can we keep up?

In the home, we always recommend wiring for Cat 5 or 6 to future proof if that’s possible, in order to keep up with hardware. We all want the latest technology in our homes, and appliances, as well as TVs are becoming smart, everything is linking to make our homes more efficient, if a little gimmicky at times, but let’s face it, we all love a gadget. 30 years ago we had the Teasmade, now smart machines brew coffee, make bread and wake you up with a simple command.

We all agreed that whilst luxury is important in a hotel, clients now also expect the same technology when they stay in the best Hotels, and often it’s not there. Why not, nobody could really say other than it takes time to catch up, but catch up they must.

Where does that leave us designing for the home? Companies like Crestron and Smart Comm aid us in this respect, putting as little, or as much as we can into the home design. It’s on every brief, along with Led lights, hidden lighting App access for all functions and connections from the comfort of the sofa throughout the house and also whilst still in the office. The good thing is its invisible, generally efficient though depends on your Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth connections, but it’s what most of us want, well guys anyway, we love our toys.

So in conclusion, as designers we can create the luxury hotel , adding the latest adaptable technology for the perfect stay, and the luxury home, emulating that 5* environment, however you want it.

In our Hotel design we incorporated these functions for both guest experience, front of house and housekeeping, and the Hotel Show visitors loved it, the brochure is enclosed on the link.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can help you, Residential and Commercial, the choice is yours, the result is the same, personal perfection.


Nick Sunderland

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