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We are all proud of our homes, we want to live in comfort and surround ourselves with beautiful things, as best we can afford. As a designer I’m asked to do this but as a client, you have a budget, and this is where we help out in ways you maybe never think of. Our brief will take into account the budget first, and then establish what you want, guiding you, advising you making you think deeper into the design you want, not skimming teh surface wasting time, and your money.

A recent room makeover was based on a wallpaper a client saw on my website. The Harlequin Eglomise Onyx was the basis and the wall only required 2 rolls, and with trade discounts was an affordable luxury. The bedside cabinets were from Ikea, a solid construction and black to match the wallpaper were purchased as part of the design. But here is where we changed it.

Upscaling is very much in vogue and you just need a little patience and you can achieve great things. Taking the style of the wallpaper and gilding in faux Rose Gold leaf, partly distressed changed the £40 cabinet into a luxury item appearing to cost several £100s. Add glass over the top to reflect the light and the wallpaper, and the room takes on a new vogue. A tall headboard, new bedding and blind at the window turned a tired room into a Boutique Hotel. Rich cream walls and a sale chandelier added to eth luxury all carried out in a short space of time, allowing the budget to be spread out on other areas. All it needs is chocolate on the pillow.

Think you can’t afford a makeover? Yes you can…

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