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Hiring an Interior Designer can often seem a luxury. A fee that adds to the cost of a refurbishment or a development, but is it justified, I’m bound to say yes of course, but here is why.

I am often called in for a 1 or 2-hour initial consultation, on-site to discuss the intended project with a potential client. It’s often residential to start the client thinking about what they really want to do. It may be something they self-manage or part manage and hire me for a section of it. When clients have been in a home for a time, they lose sight of what can be achieved and need guidance again, the familiarity of a space can often turn you blind to its potential. Equally a new purchase can excite the imagination without prior knowledge or expectations of what is sensible to achieve.

An office or organisation may need to expand the workforce, but can’t expand the space. Here we can realign to get the maximum amount of space working for you. This brings into effect the needs of the workers also, what they need to be comfortable and efficient top maximise their potential. Overcrowd, and the uncomfortable nature of this will slow down production, so I always talk to key workers to how we can keep them happy. You can cherry pick the services required according to your needs and budgets.

Think of me as a Design Counsellor, listening, guiding and resolving issues. Be it a couple, or a workforce the needs of the few are greater than the many, in this situation! I suggest a 2-hour slot to begin with, which is followed by a brief written precis of what is suggested and then it’s up to you where you take it. If I’m hired, the fee is taken off the final bill, and if not you will have time to think about the project to take it to the next stage, and if required, I can advise further and help with purchase and development. Discounts then kick in on trade purchase, often reducing your final costs down to more than the design fee but giving you a higher quality of fixture and fitting and of course overall design and quality.

For a quick chat about this please give me a call on 0207 101 0681 or email me on

Kind Regards

Nick Sunderland

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