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NSI Design is an international designer of luxury homes and apartments. Developing Designs into the Hospitality industry in 2018 and 2019 the service was cut short by the Covid19 Pandemic.

Back on Track

Recently attending the Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference at the Pan Pacific London, was an eye-opening event by some of the leading figures in Hospitality and Design. There were many areas not discussed for some years that were the main focus of discussion, one of which was Branded Residences. Luxury homes that are associated with an established brand which offer a range of Hospitality services.

What is a Branded Residence?

Branded residences are usually a partnership between a brand and a developer. The brand grants a licence to the developer to market and sell residences incorporating their brand. In many cases, the brand also manages and services the residential properties, associated with their brand, to maintain standards. These homes are becoming increasingly popular with the change of use attributed to buildings associated with offices. Covid19 has changed office use for generations to come we feel.

My Experience

My first foray into Branded Residence design was in 2007 for the Helmsley Carlton on Maddison Avenue. Invited by a future President to be his base in Manhattan, the purchase and design was for a 5 bedroom terraced living space. During my period there I stayed exclusively in the apartment and organised many upgrades including double glazing décor and furnishings.

The advantage of purchasing such a property is the ability to be serviced as if it is a hotel. Traditional services like white-gloved elevator attendants, around-the-clock doorman and 24-hour security. The building offered an on-site business centre and hand-delivered message service. As with hotels in general an onsite gymnasium and access to premium shopping make these properties desirable for residents staying there


According to Saville, the branded residences sector has grown by 230% over the past decade. Today, there are 580 schemes open and operating with almost 100,000 units between them, and the market is forecast to exceed more than 900 schemes by 2026, almost doubling the current supply.

This growth has gone hand in hand with the expansion in the number of brands participating in the space, rising from 69 in 2011 to 133 in 2021.

Organisations considering this expansion will benefit from an interior design service or package enabling the resident to move in seamlessly and adding value and credibility to a very profitable development.

Get in Touch

I am available for discussion with no obligation for any of your projects, and offer a free 15 minute consultation for your personal projects.

Nick Sunderland


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