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The last couple of years have been, to say the least, fraught, filled with conflict and uncertainty, but we have pulled through the mire. We’ve lost colleagues and businesses along the way, the High Street is a reflection on overall spending, lack of confidence, but we’ve heard all this for too long. So enough!

2020 is a new year, a new start and a new focus. I for one intend to push forward and start the year on a positive note. I’ve shed the shackles that held me back, and I’m cutting ties on negative conversations, people and situations. The future is, as we know, what we make of it, and cutting cloth according to our means is something we now have practiced in abundance. Clients are more conscious of funds and rightly want to maximise on projects and maintain quality with increased confidence. What shall we do?

I for one intend to raise awareness of my business and look at each referral and new contact with increased vigour. I have projects starting this month but equally want to start projects each and every month. This allows me to hire new staff or freelancers in order to build the business further across the UK and overseas, purchase more with my suppliers and get the economy rolling in my own small way, something we all could be doing. If a project is too big, I’ll partner with you, if it’s too small I’ll pass it on, and at the same time maintain the standards by monitoring and guiding under the NSI banner as a consultant. I can advise, organise plan and leave it to you or the client to carry it out. I can go further, Design plan, organise and carry out all design works, including construction, decoration, fit out and carpentry. Our trade contacts are of course carefully chosen, with the highest quality and greatest discounts, and we keep adding to the list as no two clients like the same thing, keeps us busy.

Where do we go from here? Our experience covers Residential Interior Design, all aspects of it. Commercial with Charity and Barrister Chambers. A recent Hotel Design set up is fresh raw and affordable, try us. Beyond that, Property development as design and consultants as well as hands on with contactor and Architect. My work has been recognised by SBID on a variety of projects in their awards, as well as International Property Awards, and Build. I’ve both Won, and Lost, but in every case the reward is I enjoyed every project, creating something new and original every time.

I’m reaching out now to all my links, to hopefully work with, for, or as part of your service.

Let’s make 2020 good for all of us. Call me on 07747618789 to discuss this or any other suggestions.

A Happy New Year to you all.

Nick Sunderland

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