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Student Accommodation

When designing or selecting student accommodation, there are several important features that should be considered to ensure that it provides a safe, comfortable, and conducive living environment for students. Here are some things to consider:

Location: Ideally, the accommodation should be located close to the university or college, as well as other amenities such as shops, restaurants, and public transportation.

Security: The accommodation should have adequate security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras, secure entry systems, and on-site security personnel.

Privacy: Each student should have their own private space, such as a bedroom, with a lockable door.

Furnishings: The accommodation should be furnished with basic necessities such as a bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe.

Kitchen facilities: Students should have access to a communal kitchen area, equipped with basic appliances and utensils.

Laundry facilities: The accommodation should have on-site laundry facilities or be located close to a laundromat.

Common areas: The accommodation should provide communal areas such as a lounge, study room, and social space.

Internet access: Students should have access to high-speed internet to support their studies and other online activities.

Cleaning and maintenance: The accommodation should be kept clean and well-maintained, with regular cleaning services provided.

Support services: The accommodation should provide access to support services, such as a resident advisor or on-site counselling services, to help students with any personal or academic issues they may be facing.

There are of course many different types of student accommodation, from flat share with communal facilities in a house, to purpose-built studio apartments. These can be privately run or university/college-owned facilities.

From a practical perspective, if they are studio apartments with inbuilt facilities and communal lounge areas, the private rooms need to be designed compactly and cleverly. Cost is also an issue so finding the best suppliers is important to maximise a profitable return on investment and also make it comfortable and desirable for the student.

In my opinion, I think recent introductions to suppliers in Germany who are virtually unknown in the UK are some of the best available. Budget but high-quality kitchen facilities designed specifically for the student market are aimed at space saving and durability. Equally Space saving items of furniture that double up and allow students to work comfortably when required and open up space to often small and crowded rooms.

This level of comfort and space is important to the student's wellbeing and living in stylish and designer-led properties gives them a sense of self-esteem during often stressful times. It’s necessary when designing the space that well-being is taken into consideration and as much natural light as possible is included in the scheme where it allows.

Feng Shui Interior Design can add to the well-being of students, from all nations and give a sense of calm in a world of stress and anxiety heaped on students these days.

If I can help with your accommodation developments, send me a DM

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