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Nick Sunderland, founder and lead designer of NSI Design, has just won two prestigious awards at the Interior Design Awards for two of his high-end residential design projects. Tonje Odegard from SPACE magazine quizzes him on why he wants to venture more into luxury hospitality design…

Being the founder of one of London’s leading design companies, Nick has a range of experience working on residential homes across the world, mainly in the UK and the Middle East, over the past 30 years. He has also designed various hotel suites for clients in the Middle East, but would like to venture more into the European hotel market.

Nick recently won the Best Luxury Residential Interior Design Company in London, and Most Innovative UK Residential Project for Kensington West London House, in the Interior Design Awards.

Why do you want to break into hospitality design?

I have been designing luxury homes for many years now and without exception my clients have wanted bedroom suites to emulate the luxury hotels they visit on a regular basis.

Even smaller projects demanded the boutique hotel look to remind clients of the places they have stayed in. It was a welcome break from the tradition with the scope to be bold and luxurious.

Bedrooms can and should be different to the rest of the home, a haven of peace and comfort that allows you to unwind and relax, and yes, make you feel special. The natural progression for me was to extend my design company into this area, able to focus on the individual spaces people inhabit, albeit for a short space of time, and go away knowing they have spent a time in pure luxury.

For many, a hotel stay is a luxury, a treat to be savoured and remembered, and while poor service can be unpleasant and dealt with, an uncomfortable basic room sticks in the memory, and we don’t go back there. I have stayed in many hotels around the world, and it’s the rooms I remember, and I’m not unique in that.

Design is my passion, and the joy I get when a client walks into their suite for the first time is something I would like to think happens almost daily to clients entering my hotel suites.

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