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Buying land or property with planning permission does not mean its a cut and dry situation that you can take over and build with no issues. It might seem that way on paper but in reality you need to be prepared for difficulties.We entered 2016 with high hopes for the property market and purchased a site in Chiswick with planning permission to demolish a dilapidated house and rebuild a new 6 apartment block. We went in with open eyes but of course till you hit the ground, you don’t know what to expect, and of course Brexit hit like a frying pan in the face!

Planning was approved originally but it wasn’t the best use of space, with corridors and landings taking valuable living space and reducing the GDV of the properties. New planning amendments were submitted to make the original architects design work better, increase internal space, and create more suitable living conditions. We even looked to add an additional floor to make 2 extra apartments or two large duplex with roof gardens, as an option if we wanted it.

It was a predominantly glass and steel structure, with piles that needed to go deeper than the planning stipulated adding to cost and time. Equally the site itself was difficult and tight for deliveries, so our project managers carefully monitored and set up systems to ensure we could continue without delays. We soldiered on regardless of both weather, construction and political issues creating a slowdown in the market. The development rose from the ground, Steels it seemed, to rival The Shard, and gradually the iconic shape evolved. As floors and layers developed we were able to adjust the internal layout to maximise further the floor and living space, again on paper it looked good, but in reality we could do so much more. As the Chief Designer I was aware that we needed to maximise as much as possible this living space, and with rival developments close by, I wanted to be a cut above.

I chose a german style kitchen, designed and built in the UK, HEHKU, with locally manufactured recycle glass worktops, individually designed. The bathroom fittings were a mix of Duravit, Philip Starck, Axor Hansgrohe and kaldewei. Taps for safety and lifetime living were single push on with temperature set in memory.

Light grey oak floors, discrete lighting and floor to ceiling windows added to the designer led influence of these iconic apartments. With building control signed off today, it was time to reflect on our hard work and I wanted to share this with you. If you would like to view the show home I have included a link. Please get in touch if you are interested in further information. View the property and show home

Nick Sunderland

CEO and Chief Designer NSI Design Ltd

Creative Head Edward Sunderland

Joint MD Twos Company Interior Design Ltd

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