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Here at NSI Design we work with developers across London at an early stage to determine what works and will sell a property based on location and target GDV. Establishing early on enables you to plan and purchase and seriously competitive prices attracting a greater number of purchasers and investors. Todays’ clients need an ever increasing contemporary and time-saving home to live in low maintenance, cost effective and stunningly attractive homes.

Show homes help to sell certainly and they can be sold often with all furniture recouping your investment, but it’s the overall design that’s crucial. By careful upfront planning, we are able to maximise your investment and save you money at the same time. I have often spoken to small developers retrospectively on project tp point out their fit out costs could have been drastically reduced whilst adding a higher specification, particularly in Kitchens and Bathrooms.It’ss not just the trade discounts we all have access to but it’s the choice, the finish and the layout that matters more.

Perhaps CGI is useful in the early stages to market the development, a tool to indicate the layout of the rooms, particularly on unusual sites where rooms are off square. They can be used in marketing brochures, online, mailings, and social media to get the site ‘out there’. Selective rooms and areas can be shown in photo renditions, it helps the vendor to understand early on what they may be living in, a lot of people aren’t visionary! We have created award winning projects for our clients exceeding the GDV target, which more than covers the outlay and can help increase overall profit on your development. We can direct with the developer to achieve this at every stage, so even if you are close to finishing those extra touches make all the difference.

Working alongside the Architect, early on also helps, as the square rooms can be transformed from the start from standard rooms to luxury rooms with simple cost-effective tweaks, lighting changes, and even room layout positions in open plan living. The good thing is it needn’t cost the earth so small or large projects can benefit, and the returns will be clear. A quick no obligation discussion of your project is only a phone call away, and the award-winning project could be yours!

To discuss further call me on 02071010681 or email me on

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