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Following our all day CPD seminar at Goldsmiths on 17th March, Daniel announced the following news to us and confirmed in writing this morning. Recognising our hard work and our Continuing Personal Development as Designers is important not only to ourselves. but to our clients and future clients. It recognises that we are a group of dedicated, professional and rigorously tested Interior Designers, who take pride in our work. By choosing a BIID Registered Interior Designer®. our clients can be confident they have the best.

Dear Nick,

I am delighted to let you know that the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) today announces a new protected title for professional interior designers, BIID Registered Interior Designer®. This new title is a way for clients, designers and other built environment professionals to identify interior designers who have met the BIID’s rigorous professional standard.

The BIID will hold a Register of these professionals which clients will be able to use as an essential resource. Entry requirements remain as rigorous as ever:

  • 6 years of relevant education and work experience;

  • The support of 2 professional referees;

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance;

  • Successful completion of a face to face Registration Assessment where a demonstration of extensive professional practice knowledge must be evidenced through presentation of a completed design project.

Once a designer has become a BIID Registered Interior Designer® they must adhere to the BIID’s Code of Conduct and annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement to remain on the Register.

I would like to stress that we are not replacing the term ‘Member’ but rather providing an additional title that we hope designers will find helpful in communicating their high level of professionalism to clients. In addition to being able to describe themselves as a BIID Registered Interior Designer® individuals will also be able to use the post nominal letters RegID after their name. For example, my biography on my website would read, ‘Daniel Hopwood is a Member of the British Institute of Interior Design and a BIID Registered Interior Designer®’ and my name on my business card would read ‘Daniel Hopwood BIID RegID’.

Why are we doing this?

There is widespread confusion between the terms Interior Designer, Interior Architect and Interior Decorator which is not helpful for designers, students or clients. At the BIID, we believe that Interior Designer is the best descriptor for the complex mix of knowledge, skills and experience required to design interior space, which of course includes extensive knowledge of interior architecture and interior decoration. In addition, the ‘Registered’ professional title is already well recognised in the built environment, with fellow Construction Industry Council(CIC) member the Association of Project Management (APM) launching their APM Registered Project Professionaltitle in 2011. We hope that the new BIID Registered Interior Designer® title will bring clarity to the field, in addition to being a symbol of professional competence.

We are delighted that this new initiative has been welcomed by the industry – Jane Duncan, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the UK body for architecture and the architectural profession, said; “The RIBA welcomes the new BIID Registered Interior Designer® title. It will provide a useful benchmark for other professionals in the built environment sector to understand that an interior designer has met robust professional standards of practice.”

This new title, and its accompanying logo, are Registered Trademarks and their usage will be strictly controlled. All current BIID Members will supplied with, and given permission to use, the new title and accompanying logo when they have renewed their 2016/2017 BIID membership. All current BIID Associates who have enough experience to upgrade to full Member are strongly encouraged to book their assessment so they too can become BIID Registered Interior Designers.

I strongly believe that this is a big step forward for not only the Institute but the entire industry. I would love to hear your thoughts – either on Twitter at @BIIDtalk or via email at

Best wishes

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