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2022 can be the year you take back control of your home, or your Home Office. If you are like me, you spend so much time working, that you can’t see the chaos we often create for ourselves, where we live and work merge. We ignore the disorganisation, we say we will do it later, we don’t have time. We pile things into cupboards, lofts, garage, because we don’t have enough space in the home. We sit in a perceived level of comfort, when in reality it isn’t, and we struggle on, saying next year, we will sort it…

Covid made many of us work from home, and so we created the Home Office. Whilst I was set up for that, many people were not, the result was home chaos using space differently and inefficiently organising what we do. Only a few months we thought, but now 2 years, next year never really came did it?

Many of us prefer working from home as it can be more productive if organised well, and that’s where we come in. NSI can help arrange and organise the home office, be it a room or a space under the stairs. We also sat at home more, looking overall at the space we live in, tired of it, and wanted change.

NSI can help with this, creating beautiful and functional spaces for work, and designer led homes to relax and escape to. It needn’t cost a fortune but with rising prices and limited stocks you need eth experts to manage the funding and maximise the purchasing power. DIY, no problem, we can design and purchase, and leave you to do the work at your pace. Anything is possible..

Here at NSI we understand the importance of getting things done quickly and economically, but to a high standard, expect nothing less. A single room, a kitchen, a bathroom, whatever is required our team will survey, cost plan and arrange the most suitable way of minimising disruption. If you are looking at a whole house renovation then we ensure a detailed schedule is created and a cost plan set up to reassure you of the process from start to finish.

Call me now on 01795439028 or text 07747618789 and I’ll get in touch.

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