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Best Luxury Residential Interior Design Company London &

Most Innovative UK Luxury Residential Project: Kensington West London

NSI Design, known as Nicholas Sunderland Interiors, has become renowned as one of the leading design companies in London over the last 30 years. We spoke to Nicholas Sunderland to find out more about how his personal background has led him to market-leading success.

Nicholas is an award winning, high-end luxury interior designer, specialising in high-end luxury bespoke interiors and renovations for private clients in London, throughout the UK and abroad. Under his guidance, NSI has become one of the leading high-end interior design companies in the UK. Nicholas explains that the firm offers a full range of services, adhering to the rules and regulations as a BIID Registered Interior Designer and Design Professional of SBID.

“The creation of bespoke interiors and full renovations are managed with ease at Nicholas Sunderland Interiors. Our clients range from young professional, small families to leading financial and political figures, as our services can range from design and specification through to full refurbishments and build projects. I was delighted to be chosen for this award, as it was totally unexpected; as a company, we work hard to achieve the results our clients desire, and winning awards proves we are doing this successfully.”

Prior to opening his own interior design office, Nicholas worked in graphics for clients such as BMW Balfour Beatty and Renault. He then moved into direct marketing, where he became a director for some of the biggest agencies in the world; Wunderman, Rapp Collins and MSW.

“My interest in Feng Shui in the late 90s allowed me to help launch an international interior design magazine, focusing on Feng Shui. Before long, I was traveling around the world, designing and building homes for clients such as Benazir Bhutto. As I had links with the King in Dubai, I was invited to create a private room in luxury hotels and private palaces. The work I completed with the magazine and the marketing skills I developed along the way have helped me in promoting my personal career. After this fantastic launch, I formally set up Nicholas Sunderland Interiors. Throughout my career, I have also been honored to be a guest presenter at Grand Designs Live, as well as CPD presenter for various trade, shows such as eco build. Additionally, I have been involved in documentaries for Channel 4, as well as a guest speaker on radio.

“I believe that I have been successful as I understand how important it is to get to know a client on a personal level, and how valuable this is to relax them throughout the process. For many people, hiring a designer is daunting and they need to know it’s money well spent. I have to understand their views, their passions and their desires for the home, often acting as a counsellor for couples, helping to balance their ideal home plan. Once we understand each other, I know the boundaries of the design and I tease them into an understanding of how fabulous their home can be; I open their eyes.”

London and the South East is a notably dense area, and as there are a number of interior designers in this space, the competition for projects is high. Nicholas explains that to ensure business, he has to both help customers achieve their ideal home, and make sure he meets the budget.

“Property is expensive in this area, and whilst our clients desire a stunning home, their budget does not always meet their expectations. We pride ourselves on designing with both budget and quality in mind. Our understanding that an expensive accessory can elevate a design that has been less expensive is imperative to achieve the desired outcome for our clients; we understand that design is all about perception, much like marketing, where you can convince the eye that something is expensive, desirable and unique.

“Looking to the future, I will focus on the development of my three companies; Edward Sunderland, a luxury developer, Twos Company, targeting hotels and restaurants, and NSI. The work of Edward Sunderland currently involves building six gated apartments in Chiswick. The V, as the development is known, is being built to our own high design and specification, and will be completed in April 2017. Overall, I am looking forward to continuing the growth of my companies, and I am excited about where the future may take me.”

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