Making the most of your property

Posted by admin | 17th June 2015

What are the things you don’t like about your current home and is there a way to improve them without actually moving? Perhaps the property is too small or the layout does not suit your current needs? These reasons can be addressed and worked with to create your ideal home, in your existing property, with some careful thought and planning as well as a help from ns interiors, you can create a stunning home.

Everyone gets emotionally attached to their home so if you intend improving your home rather than moving you need to take control of this fact. If you have decided you want to move, but can’t afford to, you will have negative feelings towards your current property. However, resolve to be positive and remember that interior design gets down to the bones of the house rather than just getting carried away with the excitement of achieving a new look.

We need to use the structure of your home to create the best possible living space so look at the flow of the house, the lighting, the garden, the room layouts and you may find there might well be things you have not previously thought of doing. If you can improve your home in a way that adds value to your life as well as to your property, you will grow to love your home again.

If you have sufficient equity in your home you can probably borrow money for home improvements. You will need to demonstrate that you can afford any additional borrowing to your existing mortgage. Try using an online maximum loan calculator which will give you an idea of the amount you can borrow in relation to your income and expenditure. One way of raising money is through a personal loan for home improvements. These loans are usually over periods of time from about two to ten years and they are not secured against the property. However, you can also take out what is called a secured loan. This, as its name implies, is secured against your property and the interest repayment rate is usually lower than with a personal loan.

Should you approach your current lender or perhaps look for a new lender? If you have redemption penalties on your mortgage you may be advised to ask for a further advance from your present lender. You need to remember the rate you will have to pay is likely to be higher than your current rate. However, a better rate might be available from another lender and you have nothing to lose by finding out.

Research reveals that in the past year, twenty percent of homeowners have damaged their home or contents while carrying out Do It Yourself projects. Many amateurs would be best advised to leave home improvement work to professionals as, in the long run, this can cause less mishaps. Some tasks should never be carried out by an amateur. Trying to tackle areas that you are not qualified for, such as plumbing or electrics, could invalidate a home insurance policy. You would then also be liable for the cost of any subsequent damage.

If you are in doubt, check with your insurer before carrying out any work. Buildings insurance Once any work is complete, inform your insurer about changes or alterations that may affect the policy or you could find that you are under-insured.