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Posted by admin | 17th June 2015

Nicholas Sunderland is one of the Top London interior designers recognised amongst interior design companies in London and interior and design companies in the UK .

Elegance and simplicity describes top London interior designers. The interior design companies in London provide excellent service and are well accepted within interior design companies in UK industry.

One of the top London interior designers is Nicholas Sunderland. His company specializes in detailed interior design services, which include special room layouts combined with unique furnishings and accessories. Luxurious products and superb approach to customer’s demands is what this company is providing. The team consists of highly skilled professionals who can complete even most challenging projects for both residential and commercial clients.

Typical assignment starts with the visual inspection of the premises and consultation with an interior decorator. The colour scheme is chosen along with the furniture, draperies, fixtures and accessories. A crew of painters is dispatched to begin the process of decorating. These highly trained technicians will apply wall treatments, such as paint, lining or wallpaper with exclusive decorative methods including marbling and graining. Once this stage of the process is completed, the furniture is tastefully placed within the allotted space to ensure both function and aesthetic value of the chosen pieces. The company concentrates on modern design of furniture with clean lines and simple elegance. Many of the items are custom made to fit and complement the existing décor. Special emphasis is placed on the window treatments with luxurious fabrics perfectly suited to the environment. Well recognized brands from the world leading design houses are often implemented to complete the project.

Uniquely created light fixtures and electrical accessories are installed around the space to provide a dramatic look as well as function. In residential homes the lighting is placed according to the specifications of the owner to ensure practicality and striking effect. In corporate premises subtle versions of lighting fixtures are installed to ensure professional and comfortable working environment.

The standards of this company are set very high. The furniture and accessories are imported from international suppliers providing the highest quality items. The search feature for special pieces is offered to clients and can be accessed by contacting one of the design consultants at NSI.

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