ID & A Awards

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 17th August 2015

Congratulations to NSI Design for shortlist success in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2015

design et al congratulate NSI Design in their further shortlist success for the City Space Award.

The client bought a duplex apartment off plan and required a remodel and fit out to create a London weekday home suitable for business entertaining and relaxation. Originally a 3 bedroom apartment it was not necessary to retain these as living space was more important. The lower ground floor to outside terrace was the master suite and storage

No furniture other than a bed and dining table existed, and a desire for a particular sofa. This had to be built into the design. The main point was no grey, and lots of colour. I was given a free reign to design and fit, with little restriction other than budget.

Process Structural

The main reception area was small, giving a cramped living space with open plan kitchen a long corridor leading to the rear of the apartment with two bedrooms and a family bathroom. It was agreed before exchange that bedroom 2 would go opening up the reception creating a more spacious and lighter entertaining area. The lower floor storage, large and unnecessary was again cleared to create a space for a study off the master suite.

However on investigation the preferred sofas would be cramped even in this new layout, so the recommendation was to remove the corridor wall create a single back bedroom suite and incorporate an entrance with the main reception.

I designed a small entrance lobby with LED lights running down the stair treads and hung bespoke distressed mirrors on the wall reflecting the stairs and the lights. This added extra light to both floors and a spectacular feature when you walked in. A new floor was fitted throughout the ground floor as the wall demolition meant nothing matched in the areas. We went for a darker walnut as the planned flooring was light and almost laminate in appearance, not attractive. With this main structure dealt with we planned the rest of the apartment.

The open plan kitchen was muted and plain, we could not change the finish so I added Colour changing LED lights above the units and at plinth height. Under units was a pure white for preparation ease. I was unhappy the kitchen was to be open into the room, so I designed a small island to separate the two. It was also useful for the chef when my client entertained. I took the shape from the Roche Bobois Reportage sofas my client desired and created a wave effect using Hi Macs, produced from my template and created on site. With a recycled glass worktop and under plinth Led lights it was a unique piece. The client sits here looking out into the garden, and to separate the preparation area, I set a strip of LED under the glass creating two zones, simple but effective, and another talking point. I added mirrored plinths to the island so it looked like it was floating reflecting the flooring underneath. On the kitchen side  I specified white marble tiles easy to clean and created a wide feeling of space with oversized tiles.

Glass metallic Diesel lights over the island changed colour when lit, and complemented the Artemide mercury light over the dining table. Storage need to be added, and with colour as my brief I designed a floating bookcase with inter connecting spaces of coloured panels that could be flipped and moved around to create a Mondrian style work of functional art. Mirrors and glass shelves for glasses added to the quirkiness of room reflection and depth. The Artemide Mecury light was a stunning centre piece and the dining area was visually separated.

With the Roche Bobois circular wave sofas in a chosen purple and off white, I created a rug from Stark in these colours and focused the section with again a floating media unit built to my specifications and a Ral colour to match the Island. Curtains were hand made with fabrics from Baumann and Jab and pelmets fitted with hidden LED lights to change colour. The mosaic wallpaper from Chivasso in the media space and dining room added texture and a luxury finish. The whole room became a colourful entertaining space fully on brief.

The second bedroom was for guests, and I fitted an electric blind and hidden lights Jab and chivasso fabrics and wall coverings lifted the dark space.

From the entrance leading down to the master suite, the elegant mirrors and rich purple shades led first of all to the revised study, and a matching full wall distress mirror doubled the light but more importantly added that much needed elegance in a small space.

The master bedroom benefitted from rich Gold Mosaic paper from Chivasso and the reflections and textures were enough in the simple shape of the room. The walk in dressing area had an electric blind fitted and added privacy with two walk in dressing room and private bathroom. Colour was added in accessories and I continued the wallpaper into this section to merge the two.  Curtains again using fabric from Creation Bauman and hand made

The terrace led off from the bedroom so we upgraded the lighting to lift the well space and added more LED in colour. This is where the entertaining would be in the light summer months, with slate walls and a fountain to add a retro Olympia style.

Carefully selected accessories, lamps and wall art added richness and also a personal touch to the apartment required even for only a few days a week.BeccySmartPhotography-9143 BeccySmartPhotography-9277 BeccySmartPhotography-9268 BeccySmartPhotography-9263 BeccySmartPhotography-9261 BeccySmartPhotography-9258 BeccySmartPhotography-9182