Hotel Bedrooms, are they the new Home style?

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 18th May 2016

Are you a Hotel Junkie?

Final_Render_Chiswick_AP2_Bedroom_view web cropMany clients ask us for a Boutique style bedrooms, something I discussed at my recent Grand Designs Live lectures. It’s not difficult but  it requires an understanding also of the Hotel Industry to be able to add those luxury touches we all experience and crave in the comfort of our own homes. Rich fabrics, subdued lighting, stylish furniture, are all part of it. We want to wake up thinking we are in a 5-star hotel and breakfast in bed in on its way. The questions i was asked during and after the presentation proved one thing, Hotel Bedrooms, are  the new Home style must have luxury.

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NS Interiors and Koubou Interiors are eminently placed to design both Hotel suites and private suites. With unique experience merging into one service, whether a private client or a commercial development Nick and Gilly will lead their team to create beautiful interiors for you. Not only using the bespoke furniture designs from Koubou but equally stunning soft furnishings and lighting from leading design houses, you are guaranteed a stunning result. Should you require a single room, or multiple facilities do get in touch, we are here to advise and help.

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Get in touch and let’s meet for a chat, email or call 020 7101 0797

Nick Sunderland

Gilly Craft

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