Headboard Designs with NSI

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 5th November 2015

Headboards add drama to a bedroom


As an Interior Designer of high end luxury London Interior Designs specialising in luxury bespoke interiors and renovations for private clients in London, I am always asked to recreate bedrooms as boutique hotels. Many of my clients travel the world staying in luxury hotels and have a taste for opulence and the dramatic. Bedrooms have two focal pints, the bed itself and the coverings, and equally or more dramatically, the headboard. Some choose one or the other, and many choose both. For me the headboard is the main interest, as that is static and needs to work within the room, whatever the ever changing bedding is. Each brief and project has its own challenges and individuality and I take this on board with glee as headboards are individual and challenging. Breaking with tradition is not always possible, as they are a functional element of the bedroom but how they are shaped, covered and sized make the difference from function to Drama.

A recent project allowed me to be creative, and with the help of Robert Langford in Chelsea, they created 3 beautiful and dramatic pieces. I only have draft photography but I hope you will appreciate the artistic approach I took.

The master super king bed was a classic square grid, nothing different you may think but the choice of fabric changed it into something more than eye catching, but more eye confusing. By simply twisting each panel so the fibres sat in different directions, it gives a 3 dimensional raised effect. The panels are all level, but you see them jutting forward, sitting back, teasing you to push them back!


The second bedroom was a Gatsby style room so I created the headboard like a Manhattan Landscape with towering buildings and different shades of fabric wrapping the bed. Matching fabric in a different colour complemented the theme. But more of this project later…


The guest room was my favourite with oversized columns in 2 fabrics against a dramatic golden wall. Shades of black gold and bronze created a mineral room of opulence.


I hope to share more of this project with you very soon.