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Posted by Nick Sunderland | 28th October 2015

Kitchen of the future

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My recent lecture at Grand Designs was a late decision for me I’m often caught up in projects and the congestion of Design Week, Focus, Decorex etc. but this year put the time aside and relished my opportunity at the NEC. I was asked to be part of the kitchen  design stage sponsored by Miele, and took my inspiration of the future kitchen. In essence, the integration of the kitchen in the living space. Working with Hehku they took my brief and designed the concept of the kitchen as we see it progressing, an interactive Hub working with phone aps, I Pads and wireless interaction.

My personal view is that having been a separate kitchen developing into open plan living, it’s now almost going backwards. The kitchen needs to be hidden again, blending with furniture, being part of furniture, and be entertaining. Tapping the glass can open up projections on the walls, surrounding you as you cook in landscapes or TV cookery programmes. The fridge app can determine what’s available to eat and suggest recipes for you, and once consumed create a shopping list on line to be delivered direct to your home.

NSInteriors-FutureKitchen Open Unit Description Layout

Far-fetched, no I don’t think so. The technology is here already, some being used, some waiting to catch up with the manufacturers but all possible. Think of a hotel mini bar, you remove a bottle, its registered as consumed and another is added to the list to replace it. With a fridge, it could weight the milk, so when it’s below a certain weight it knows it needs to be replenished. You will be able to feed in all your personal statistics much like a health app or fit bit and shopping lists and recipes will be generated based on your requirements. Voice activated technology, Siri and apple TV are already here…

The lecture was very well received and generated a full audience.  Max Mcormick Business Development Manager of Miele and Sam Rogers Commercial Manger joined Nick Covell from Hehku in the audience and a photo shoot afterwards. Russell Sargent the chief designer at Hehku created the awe inspiring new designs for my presentation and with Miele innovations wowed the audience.


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Nick Sunderland