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I will be lecturing at Grand Designs Live at the NEC this October 8th at 12 30 on the Kitchen Design Stage sponsored by Miele. This year I will be looking at the changes that can be made in kitchen design to upscale an existing project and also take you through the innovative systems and ideas that are available today to create the kitchen of the future. Be inspired and be amazed at what you can do with a little imagination.

I will take you through the history of the kitchen and culmination in technology that is truly awe-inspiring and could well be your kitchen.

Designers  need to create a kitchen that can meet every demand for an ever more demanding lifestyle. There will be a need to hide everything away from daily life and therefore the kitchen will become completely hidden away.  This way the living space will be truly open plan and multi function. There is also a trend for an outside kitchen will be ever greater for socialising. Extensions, covered space, rooms that lead from the kitchen with options to enclose

Health options will be paramount and become an everyday necessity with everyday demands. This will be reflected in pantries and larders being able to detect your health status and being able to order in healthy food options. This will be achieved all through apps created by and with food retailers and appliance manufactures.

The need to be able to interact with the kitchen will also be a standard feature and this feature will be able to do everything a smart phone or tablet can do. The kitchen will need to be able to do away with any added extra technology feature but also become this feature.

For the purposes of this talk Hekhu designed a kitchen to incorporate the growing needs of the marketplace and the technology we need to include in our planning. It’s a new way of thinking.

I look forward to seeing you at the show.

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Don’t miss Nicholas Sunderland’s seminar at 12:30 on Thursday 8th October.

For professionals also listen to my CPD presentation at Construction week in the CPD Hub at 3pm, more details to follow

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