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Branded Residence

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 7th March 2022

NSI Design is an international designer of luxury homes and apartments. Developing Designs into the Hospitality industry in 2018 and 2019 the service was cut short by the Covid19 Pandemic. Back on track Recently attending the Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference at the Pan Pacific London, was an eye-opening event by some of the leading […]

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Interior design consultancy

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 8th February 2022

Interior Designer or a Consultant? Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in interest in Interior design as we sat at home looking at 4 walls. We also had the time not only to think, but do… something in the past which was impossible for many given work constraints. Others may […]

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Interviews and Blogs

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 31st January 2022

Please visit the enclosed links to blogs, interviews and presentations of Nicholas Sunderland Interior Design   Archline XP Art of Bespoke Artistic Touch Blog NDA Interview Graphenstone Interview Ham and High Interview Nicola Salter Interview 

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Year of the Tiger 2022

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 27th January 2022

Following on from the Interior Design for my Hong Kong client, I thought you might be interested in the Ancient Art of Feng Shui. 2022 Year of the Tiger Believe in Feng Shui or not, Billions of people around the world follow the principle.  Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is a body […]

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Posted by Nick Sunderland | 20th January 2022

Gravesham South London This elegant Victorian property owned by a Belgian couple required an update to the kitchen and Dining room. The original brief was to open up the ground floor rear section. However, after discussion, it was agreed therefore to also extend to the side to use the wasted external alley. Planning permission was […]

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NSInteriors Wykham Place

Hong Kong to Fareham

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 18th January 2022

The Client In March 2021 I was contacted by a lady currently residing in Hong Kong, she was planning to move to the UK in July and had exchanged on a property in Hampshire. Not able to visit beforehand she required my services to help her furnish the 4 floor Listed Town house ready for […]

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2022 is a progressive year for Home Office

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 11th January 2022

2022 can be the year you take back control of your home, or your Home Office. If you are like me, you spend so much time working, that you can’t see the chaos we often create for ourselves, where we live and work merge. We ignore the disorganisation, we say we will do it later, […]

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2020 Vision

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 8th January 2020

Designer, Consultant, Partner… The last couple of years have been, to say the least, fraught, filled with conflict and uncertainty, but we have pulled through the mire. We’ve lost colleagues and businesses along the way, the High Street is a reflection on overall spending, lack of confidence, but we’ve heard all this for too long. […]

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Design Counsellor and upscaler

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 24th July 2019

We are all proud of our homes, we want to live in comfort and surround ourselves with beautiful things, as best we can afford. As a designer I’m asked to do this but as a client, you have a budget, and this is where we help out in ways you maybe never think of. Our […]

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Cost effective advice to suit your requirements.

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 5th June 2019

The old saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, refers to so many things in life, home office, personal life experiences, and rarely do we fully see the Wood! The beautiful, elegant, organised by nature layout that just looks perfect in every way. Now look around you, see where this is going? NSI Design […]

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New Year, New Home…

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 3rd January 2019

2019 can be the year you take control of your home, or your office. If, like me, you spend so much time working, that you can’t see the chaos we often create for ourselves, where we live and work. We ignore the disorganisation, we say we will do it later, we don’t have time. We […]

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Hotel Design? Home Design?

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 29th October 2018

When our Sister Company, 2s Company Interior Design were asked to create the Hotel Room of the Future for the Independent Hotel Show, it raised some interesting questions, not just for the show but my concept of how things had changed over the years. 15 years ago clients asked me to create bedroom suites in […]

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Hotel Design with Twos Company

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 5th February 2018

Last summer Gilly and I we were invited to pitch for the Spa at Royal Mint Gardens. At one of the later decision meetings I was introduced to the development manager and we discussed the overall project, yet to be built,  and how Feng Shui was important to the Malaysian Developers. As we talked more […]

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Property Development with planning…

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 29th January 2018

Buying land or property with planning permission does not mean its a cut and dry situation that you can take over and build with no issues. It might seem that way on paper but in reality you need to be prepared for difficulties.We entered 2016 with high hopes for the property market and purchased a […]

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Design Counsellor or Consultant?

Posted by Nick Sunderland | 28th April 2017

Hiring an Interior Designer can often seem a luxury. A fee that adds to the cost of a refurbishment or a development, but is it justified, I’m bound to say yes of course, but here is why. I am often called in for a 1 or 2-hour initial consultation, on-site to discuss the intended project […]

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