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Branded Residence

NSI Design is an international designer of luxury homes and apartments. Developing Designs into the Hospitality industry in 2018 and 2019 the service was cut short by the Covid19 Pandemic.

Back on track

Recently attending the Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference at the Pan Pacific London, was an eye-opening event by some of the leading figures in Hospitality and Design. There were many areas not discussed for some years that were the main focus of discussion, one of which was Branded Residences. Luxury homes that are associated with an established brand which offer a range of Hospitality services.

What is a Branded Residence?

Branded residences are usually a partnership between a brand and a developer. The brand grants a licence to the developer to market and sell residences incorporating their brand. In many cases, the brand also manages and services the residential properties, associated with their brand, to maintain standards. These homes are becoming increasingly popular with the change of use attributed to buildings associated with offices. Covid19 has changed office use for generations to come we feel.

My experience

My first foray into Branded Residence design was in 2007 for the Helmsley Carlton on Maddison Avenue. Invited by a future President to be his base in Manhattan, the purchase and design was for a 5 bedroom terraced living space. During my period there I stayed exclusively in the apartment and organised many upgrades including double glazing décor and furnishings.

The advantage of purchasing such a property is the ability to be serviced as if it is a hotel. Traditional services like white-gloved elevator attendants, around-the-clock doorman and 24-hour security. The building offered an on-site business centre and hand-delivered message service. As with hotels in general an onsite gymnasium and access to premium shopping make these properties desirable for residents. Staying there


According to Saville, the branded residences sector has grown by 230% over the past decade. Today, there are 580 schemes open and operating with almost 100,000 units between them, and the market is forecast to exceed more than 900 schemes by 2026, almost doubling the current supply.

This growth has gone hand in hand with the expansion in the number of brands participating in the space, rising from 69 in 2011 to 133 in 2021.

Organisations considering this expansion will benefit from an interior design service or package enabling the resident to move in seamlessly and adding value and credibility to a very profitable development.

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I am available for discussion with no obligation for any of your projects, and offer a free 15 minute consultation for your personal projects.

Nick Sunderland


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Interior design consultancy

Interior Designer or a Consultant?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in interest in Interior design as we sat at home looking at 4 walls. We also had the time not only to think, but do… something in the past which was impossible for many given work constraints. Others may physically not have the interest in doing it themselves, but equally wanted the work carried out. Which one are you?

Interior Design Consultancy service.

This involves taking a brief, analysing what’s required and producing the designs. All suitable furniture, wall coverings, lighting etc. is recommended and you can go away and carry out the work yourself, use local trades and know exactly what is required. Mood boards, samples, suppliers and prices all compiled on spreadsheets.

The bonus, of course, is that we can if you wish purchase all these things for you, and arrange any discounts and deliveries. It saves you time and money overall, safe in the knowledge that all choices are made in advance, and the design will work whenever and however you wish to carry it out. Fast and simple solutions for a busy lifestyle.

Interior Design service.

The next stage is all of the above design services, but we carry out the work for you. Using our own or local tradespeople for efficiency, managing the project for you to completion. Bathroom and kitchen design and fit-out, Cabinetry, furniture and soft furnishings, from a range of companies on different budgets that you are unlikely to have access to. Its the full management service.


A simple combination of each service. Cherry-pick what is required after the consultation service. The rest is up to you, your budget and how hands-on you want to be. We design, handle various sections but you do the parts you enjoy doing and have hands on input in the overall finish.


Can this work for business? yes of course, different brief but just as adaptable. Many companies need to spread service and minimise disruption on the fit-out. Send me a message and let’s discuss it. like a home, it may be one room or a whole house. In an office, it’s an area/section, or a series of offices to ease disruption. A business can close, so we have to work around it. With a charity, we worked evenings and weekends to fit out spaces. With Barristers, we worked during the summer downtime when few were in the building. Whatever the restrictions, with planning we work with them.

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Year of the Tiger 2022

Following on from the Interior Design for my Hong Kong client, I thought you might be interested in the Ancient Art of Feng Shui.

2022 Year of the Tiger

Believe in Feng Shui or not, Billions of people around the world follow the principle.  Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is a body of knowledge possessed by the Chinese people about how the environment will affect human well-being. The Chinese believe that there exists in our environment, in the landscapes, mountains and water, different kinds of energies. These are natural forces existing in our surroundings and they will have a significant impact on our well-being. Some of them are good energies and some may bring misfortunes.

As such, if we place ourselves in a good location to receive all the good energies, our prosperity and health will be enhanced. On the other hand, if we place ourselves under the influence of bad energies, then it will increase our chances of encountering misfortunes. Therefore, it is also called an Art of Placement, as the knowledge will guide us to place objects appropriately in an environment to retrieve the best prosperity.

When did I start?

In 1998 I was fortunate to be involved in the launch of the system to the Western World as an interior design system through an international glossy magazine which hit the shelves running and it’s been here to stay ever since. All my projects are based on this but couldn’t be further from the recognised oriental style attributed to Feng Shui.

In 2022The Year of the Tiger, Feng Shui changes on 3rd February. With a few tweaks you can help ensure a respite from a bumpy year ahead. It’s not all about frogs and oriental style, but Feng Shui energies change from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for the re-allocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that we can take necessary precautions if some bad energy happens to arrive at important locations of our residence or offices.

Is it complex?

Complex, no, it can be simple and easy to change. Full consultations can be carried out in the home or office to give a full assessment and plan for the future. I have done this in homes and offices around the world.

A few tips here but for more information get in touch or visit my website Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui 2022

The main areas to watch out for are the Centre of the property, Southwest, West, Northeast and East. In the centre of the home place metal ornaments or metal coloured fabrics, white, silver, gold grey etc. It’s a case of moving things around, you will have these items. In the southwest, place a round metal bowl of any design to suit your décor.


In the West place a clear glass vase and 3 sticks of ‘lucky’ bamboo in water and balanced with pebbles. It’s functional and decorative. Also adding water colours of blue and black will help this year, but avoid reds. In the East place fire objects, lights, red items, anything that works with the layout of the room. The Northeast is easier, keep it clear and tidy and avoid metal colours.

Simple techniques but that’s the basic element, nothing complicated, give it a go see what happens. More a more in-depth survey get in touch.

Feng Shui Interview with Nicola Slater

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Gravesham South London

This elegant Victorian property owned by a Belgian couple required an update to the kitchen and Dining room. The original brief was to open up the ground floor rear section. However, after discussion, it was agreed therefore to also extend to the side to use the wasted external alley. Planning permission was sought as the length of the side was 7m, just over permitted development.


The existing kitchen was old and dilapidated. We created a large open space – a wow factor – whilst walking through the traditional hallway into a modern contemporary kitchen. The walls were required to be taken down between hallway and dining room. In addition the existing chimneybreast was removed and the supporting steels were added and left exposed.

Interior Design

A minimalist approach was taken to begin with, allowing a blank canvas for later wall art. We  incorporated some existing antique furniture brought over from Belgium into the interior design. A stunning designed Kitchen with Neff and Miele appliances set on a micro cement floor, gives a very unique look to the space. A downdraft extractor prevented the view from being blocked and allowed views straight through to the garden. We added contemporary see through Star Light pendant . The colour scheme was based around the steels with Meteorite veneer kitchen and granite worktops.

I dealt with all aspects of the construction, Design, Architecture, planning and building control. Our team fitted and decorated with the Polished Micro Cement floor fitted by specialists.  A full management and design service from start to finish.

New Project?

Are you considering a new extension and open plan space? Our experts are on hand to provide you with a totally unique design. Ask for a no obligation Zoom meeting and see where we can help you achieve the home of your dreams. Contact me now WhatsApp

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Hong Kong to Fareham

The Client

In March 2021 I was contacted by a lady currently residing in Hong Kong, she was planning to move to the UK in July and had exchanged on a property in Hampshire. Not able to visit beforehand she required my services to help her furnish the 4 floor Listed Town house ready for her family to move in. The brief was to focus on essential furnishings and Turn Key items from a variety of sources collated, and delivered in one hit ready for occupation. A cost effective Interior Design was required

Location wasn’t an issue for me as I work in different parts of the UK as well as internationally. We also had a tight deadline to furnish and prepare the home ready to move in. She was bringing her own essential and personal items to dress the property so it was a foundation we were required to fit.

View Property

The Brief

A young family, the brief was colourful, a blend of simple Modern style with more exclusive pieces and soft furnishings, rich and comfortable. I agreed to take on the project keeping in touch via Zoom and WhatsApp due to time differences and planned accordingly.

Whilst Covid created many problems initially the main problem was availability and more importantly the client’s ability to travel to the UK. Time scales changed and we adapted the design according to availability taking advantage of my clients delay to wait for more desirable fittings. One major disadvantage for the client was an inability to manage the purchase take over and snag the property.

I took over this task for her dealing with agents and developer to deal with any issues that arose, and there were many. Taking this pressure off her was a great relief to the family. Dealing with neighbours we gained a lot of knowledge to ensure we handled everything to the best of our abilities. My client was always grateful and recently sent this message.

Kitchen Design 

Client Reaction

I really appreciate you for always responding and dealing with things promptly. Having constant communication with the neighbours and handling things with the developer. I don’t know what to expect if we didn’t hire you and how much mess I had to deal with when I was to arrive. I want you to know that we are really grateful for your high-quality hard work.

It took several visits in the end to furnish, originally time scale was 3, and not unreasonable to carry out. I arranged additional decoration and wardrobe fittings, as none were supplied surprisingly. White goods, TVs and all manner of Tech were arranged all in addition to the original brief, given the additional time. In all a straightforward furnishing project, complicated by Covid was dealt with in a cohesive and timely manner ready for the client to finally move in 5 months after planning.

At NSI we take on any and every project we feel we can create a beautiful home.

Kitchen Designed by in2group

Altavia Homes property bought by my client in Hong Kong

2022 is a progressive year for Home Office

2022 can be the year you take back control of your home, or your Home Office. If you are like me, you spend so much time working, that you can’t see the chaos we often create for ourselves, where we live and work merge. We ignore the disorganisation, we say we will do it later, we don’t have time. We pile things into cupboards, lofts, garage, because we don’t have enough space in the home. We sit in a perceived level of comfort, when in reality it isn’t, and we struggle on, saying next year, we will sort it…

Home Office

Bespoke Home Office

Covid made many of us work from home, and so we created the Home Office. Whilst I was set up for that, many people were not, the result was home chaos using space differently and inefficiently organising what we do. Only a few months we thought, but now 2 years, next year never really came did it?

Many of us prefer working from home as it can be more productive if organised well, and that’s where we come in. NSI can help arrange and organise the home office, be it a room or a space under the stairs. We also sat at home more, looking overall at the space we live in, tired of it, and wanted change.

NSI can help with this, creating beautiful and functional spaces for work, and designer led homes to relax and escape to. It needn’t cost a fortune but with rising prices and limited stocks you need eth experts to manage the funding and maximise the purchasing power. DIY, no problem, we can design and purchase, and leave you to do the work at your pace. Anything is possible..

Here at NSI we understand the importance of getting things done quickly and economically, but to a high standard, expect nothing less. A single room, a kitchen, a bathroom, whatever is required our team will survey, cost plan and arrange the most suitable way of minimising disruption. If you are looking at a whole house renovation then we ensure a detailed schedule is created and a cost plan set up to reassure you of the process from start to finish.

Call me now on 01795439028 or text 07747618789 and I’ll get in touch.

2020 Vision

Designer, Consultant, Partner…

The last couple of years have been, to say the least, fraught, filled with conflict and uncertainty, but we have pulled through the mire. We’ve lost colleagues and businesses along the way, the High Street is a reflection on overall spending, lack of confidence, but we’ve heard all this for too long. So enough!

2020 is a new year, a new start and a new focus. I for one intend to push forward and start the year on a positive note. I’ve shed the shackles that held me back, and I’m cutting ties on negative conversations, people and situations. The future is, as we know, what we make of it, and cutting cloth according to our means is something we now have practiced in abundance. Clients are more conscious of funds and rightly want to maximise on projects and maintain quality with increased confidence. What shall we do?

I for one intend to raise awareness of my business and look at each referral and new contact with increased vigour. I have projects starting this month but equally want to start projects each and every month. This allows me to hire new staff or freelancers in order to build the business further across the UK and overseas, purchase more with my suppliers and get the economy rolling in my own small way, something we all could be doing. If a project is too big, I’ll partner with you, if it’s too small I’ll pass it on, and at the same time maintain the standards by monitoring and guiding under the NSI banner as a consultant. I can advise, organise plan and leave it to you or the client to carry it out. I can go further, Design plan, organise and carry out all design works, including construction, decoration, fit out and carpentry. Our trade contacts are of course carefully chosen, with the highest quality and greatest discounts, and we keep adding to the list as no two clients like the same thing, keeps us busy.

Where do we go from here? Our experience covers Residential Interior Design, all aspects of it. Commercial with Charity and Barrister Chambers. A recent Hotel Design set up is fresh raw and affordable, try us. Beyond that, Property development as design and consultants as well as hands on with contactor and Architect. My work has been recognised by SBID on a variety of projects in their awards, as well as International Property Awards, and Build. I’ve both Won, and Lost, but in every case the reward is I enjoyed every project, creating something new and original every time.

I’m reaching out now to all my links, to hopefully work with, for, or as part of your service. Let’s make 2020 good for all of us. Call me on 07747618789 to discuss this or any other suggestions.

A Happy New Year to you all.

Nick Sunderland

Design Counsellor and upscaler

We are all proud of our homes, we want to live in comfort and surround ourselves with beautiful things, as best we can afford. As a designer I’m asked to do this but as a client, you have a budget, and this is where we help out in ways you maybe never think of. Our brief will take into account the budget first, and then establish what you want, guiding you, advising you making you think deeper into the design you want, not skimming teh surface wasting time, and your money.

A recent room makeover was based on a wallpaper a client saw on my website. The Harlequin Eglomise Onyx was the basis and the wall only required 2 rolls, and with trade discounts was an affordable luxury. The bedside cabinets were from Ikea, a solid construction and black to match the wallpaper were purchased as part of the design. But here is where we changed it.

Upscaling is very much in vogue and you just need a little patience and you can achieve great things. Taking the style of the wallpaper and gilding in faux Rose Gold leaf, partly distressed changed the £40 cabinet into a luxury item appearing to cost several £100s. Add glass over the top to reflect the light and the wallpaper, and the room takes on a new vogue. A tall headboard, new bedding and blind at the window turned a tired room into a Boutique Hotel. Rich cream walls and a sale chandelier added to eth luxury all carried out in a short space of time, allowing the budget to be spread out on other areas. All it needs is chocolate on the pillow.

Think you can’t afford a makeover? Yes you can…

Call 02071010681 or email info@nsinteriors .com for a no obligation discussion


Cost effective advice to suit your requirements.

The old saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, refers to so many things in life, home office, personal life experiences, and rarely do we fully see the Wood! The beautiful, elegant, organised by nature layout that just looks perfect in every way. Now look around you, see where this is going?

NSI Design can help you in so many affordable ways to make life easier and more comfortable. Has that bedroom finally got more tired than you? Has the Kitchen cooked the last Goose? Well then you are in trouble. Ok to the point.

Many of you want to use a designer, or at least to obtain advice, so why can’t you, possibly because you look at the bigger picture, but we can look at the finer detail, and I mean, room by room.

We can transform that tired often cluttered room into a clean elegant organised and comfortable space that won’t waste precious time or money.

There are several options, a simple colour design, which will guide you through the myriad of options and allow you to decorate when you are ready. With a full paint and layout specification to ensure the finish is perfect, you can’t go wrong. Prices from £250.00  Email for more details

Maybe you want something more detailed, such as complete overhaul of a room, colour furnishings, wall art, but don’t know where to start. We can set aside a full day to look at the room (2 hours in your home) and what you have and propose, working with or replacing. I will get to understand your individual style and expectations and provide instructions for effective space planning, full shopping list for items required and of course a colour palette guidance on layout and fittings  giving you a fresh outlook on your home. Prices from £750.00 If you buy items through us, the discounts could pay the fee, and more. Email for more details

Sounds good? Well we can go further, what about that Kitchen! Tired, run down, hinges loose or worse taped together. It’s time to upgrade but how best to do it, we can help. A 2 hour consultation with you at your home or proposed kitchen supplier can help cut through the confusion of tiles, flooring, finishes colours layout new or existing, it’s endless. A kitchen designer can certainly plan the space, but can they incorporate the nuances the individual in you requires, not always. Prices start from £500.00 and again we can provide discounts. Bathroom drowning you, we offer the same service Email for more details

But what about the whole house, you may want a room or the whole project taking through to completion and project management, that’s not a problem, just talk to us see if it’s the right option for you. Prices start at £2500.00 Email for more details

Let’s set up a free no obligation conversation and look at the best options for your design, Home or Business, and we can arrange a time to suit. Email for more details

Better still call me now for a quick discussion 07747618789…

New Year, New Home…

2019 can be the year you take control of your home, or your office. If, like me, you spend so much time working, that you can’t see the chaos we often create for ourselves, where we live and work. We ignore the disorganisation, we say we will do it later, we don’t have time. We pile things into cupboards, lofts, garage, because we don’t have enough space in the home. We sit in a perceived level of comfort, when in reality it isn’t, and we struggle on, saying next year, we will sort it…

Well guys, its Next Year Now…

Here at NSI we understand the importance of getting things done quickly and economically, but to a high standard, expect nothing less. A single room, a kitchen, a bathroom, whatever is required our team will survey, cost plan and arrange the most suitable way of minimising disruption. If you are looking at a whole house renovation then we ensure a detailed schedule is created and a cost plan set up to reassure you of the process from start to finish.

Of course, there are times when you want to pause and adapt the design, which is encouraged as you see things differently once work is underway. A client in Essex decided to leave a wall down as it allowed light to flood the upstairs space. The resultant open plan landing with play rest and work station became a focal point on the house, you don’t often know till you start.

High end, what does that mean? In our case it means a high quality design and finish to create a unique and stylish home or office within your budget. We work hard to find products and finishes at competitive prices, passed on to you making your funds go further. Tell me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you can get for it. Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what it will cost. We usually settle somewhere in between but the design is the same high standard. A free no obligation consultation of 1 hour within the M25 is the first start, even on skype if you wish, we all have busy schedules and we want to make it easy for you, in your own time.

So what do you say, give me a call? Next year is here now and you will be surprised what some of these projects cost… I sorted myself out last year, best thing I ever did!

Call me direct now and let’s see what we can do for you…07747618789

Hotel Design? Home Design?

When our Sister Company, 2s Company Interior Design were asked to create the Hotel Room of the Future for the Independent Hotel Show, it raised some interesting questions, not just for the show but my concept of how things had changed over the years.

15 years ago clients asked me to create bedroom suites in their homes that emulated the 5* and Boutique hotel styles they loved and went back for more. Individual styles, elegant opulence but comfort and functionality were paramount. Walking into the room the only thing missing was room service! Now of course technology has taken over in the home.

Wireless fittings, home automation, verbal and visual recognition is in almost every home, even if it’s just an Alexa turning on the lights and streaming music. We now have iPads and tablets, but not 10 years ago, the iPhone XR is now out and elevates the phone to new extremes, can we keep up?

In the home, we always recommend wiring for Cat 5 or 6 to future proof if that’s possible, in order to keep up with hardware. We all want the latest technology in our homes, and appliances, as well as TVs are becoming smart, everything is linking to make our homes more efficient, if a little gimmicky at times, but let’s face it, we all love a gadget. 30 years ago we had the Teasmade, now smart machines brew coffee, make bread and wake you up with a simple command.

We all agreed that whilst luxury is important in a hotel, clients now also expect the same technology when they stay in the best Hotels, and often it’s not there.  Why not, nobody could really say other than it takes time to catch up, but catch up they must.

Where does that leave us designing for the home? Companies like Crestron and Smart Comm aid us in this respect, putting as little, or as much as we can into the home design.  It’s on every brief, along with Led lights, hidden lighting App access for all functions and connections from the comfort of the sofa throughout the house and also whilst still in the office. The good thing is its invisible, generally efficient though depends on your Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth connections, but it’s what most of us want, well guys anyway, we love our toys.

So in conclusion, as designers we can create the luxury hotel , adding the latest adaptable technology for the perfect stay, and the luxury home, emulating that 5* environment, however you want it.

In our Hotel design we incorporated these functions for both guest experience, front of house and housekeeping, and the Hotel Show visitors loved it, the brochure is enclosed on the link.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can help you, Residential and Commercial, the choice is yours, the result is the same, personal perfection.


Nick Sunderland



Hotel Design with Twos Company

Last summer Gilly and I we were invited to pitch for the Spa at Royal Mint Gardens. At one of the later decision meetings I was introduced to the development manager and we discussed the overall project, yet to be built,  and how Feng Shui was important to the Malaysian Developers. As we talked more he asked us to look at the main building reception, and how we can improve on this.

As designers we have to look at many briefs with specific influences, but with a personal background and eastern training in Feng Shui design, it was an easy adaptation for us.

The reception was for the apartments and with architects plans only to work to we set about planning the space. Choosing furnishings was easy but had to be in particular shapes. Structurally it required certain colours in the fabrics, elements such as wood or metal,  and these needed to link decoratively with the whole scheme. Being public spaces it was important that all FF& E met  fire Health and safety regulations. Gilly and the team sourced these materials and finished based on the criteria of Feng Shui, and we produced a concept that satisfied all the nuances of the brief, its location, entrance direction, age of construction and the surrounding landscape. I can’t possibly go into the detail that influenced this design, but with the Chinese New year this Month, wanted to share our project with you.

We hope you like the renditions, and if you want to know more please get in touch.

Twos Company are combination of High end and Commercial designers able to take you brief to the next level and beyond. Boutique hotels, single bedroom suites  to larger developments, we are here to make your guests feel away from home in the height of Luxury.

Nick Sunderland and Gilly Craft.

Twos Company Interior Design

The Partnership that works for you, and your guests…

Property Development with planning…

Buying land or property with planning permission does not mean its a cut and dry situation that you can take over and build with no issues. It might seem that way on paper but in reality you need to be prepared for difficulties.We entered 2016 with high hopes for the property market and purchased a site in Chiswick with planning permission to demolish a dilapidated house and rebuild a new 6 apartment block. We went in with open eyes but of course till you hit the ground, you don’t know what to expect, and of course Brexit hit like a frying pan in the face!

Planning was approved originally but it wasn’t the best use of space, with corridors and landings taking valuable living space and reducing the GDV of the properties. New planning amendments were submitted to make the original architects design work better, increase internal space, and create more suitable living conditions. We even looked to add an additional floor to make 2 extra apartments or two large duplex with roof gardens, as an option if we wanted it.

It was a predominantly glass and steel structure, with piles that needed to go deeper than the planning stipulated adding to cost and time. Equally the site itself was difficult and tight for deliveries, so our project managers carefully monitored and set up systems to ensure we could continue without delays. We soldiered on regardless of both weather, construction and political issues creating a slowdown in the market. The development rose from the ground, Steels it seemed, to rival The Shard, and gradually the iconic shape evolved. As floors and layers developed we were able to adjust the internal layout to maximise further the floor and living space, again on paper it looked good, but in reality we could do so much more. As the Chief Designer I was aware that we needed to maximise as much as possible this living space, and with rival developments close by, I wanted to be a cut above.

I chose a german style kitchen, designed and built in the UK, HEHKU, with locally manufactured recycle glass worktops, individually designed. The bathroom fittings were a mix of Duravit, Philip Starck, Axor Hansgrohe and kaldewei. Taps for safety and lifetime living were single push on with temperature set in memory. Light grey oak floors, discrete lighting and floor to ceiling windows added to the designer led influence of these iconic apartments. With building control signed off today, it was time to reflect on our hard work and I wanted to share this with you. If you would like to view the show home I have included a link. Please get in touch if you are interested in further information.   View the property and show home

Nick Sunderland

CEO and Chief Designer NSI Design Ltd

Creative Head Edward Sunderland

Joint MD Twos Company Interior Design Ltd

Design Counsellor or Consultant?

Hiring an Interior Designer can often seem a luxury. A fee that adds to the cost of a refurbishment or a development, but is it justified, I’m bound to say yes of course, but here is why.

I am often called in for a 1 or 2-hour initial consultation, on-site to discuss the intended project with a potential client. It’s often residential to start the client thinking about what they really want to do.  It may be something they self-manage or part manage and hire me for a section of it. When clients have been in a home for a time, they lose sight of what can be achieved and need guidance again, the familiarity of a space can often turn you blind to its potential. Equally a new purchase can excite the imagination without prior knowledge or expectations of what is sensible to achieve.

An office or organisation may need to expand the workforce, but can’t expand the space. Here we can realign to get the maximum amount of space working for you. This brings into effect the needs of the workers also, what they need to be comfortable and efficient top maximise their potential. Overcrowd, and the uncomfortable nature of this will slow down production, so I always talk to key workers to how we can keep them happy. You can cherry pick the services required according to your needs and budgets.

Think of me as a Design Counsellor, listening, guiding and resolving issues. Be it a couple, or a workforce the needs of the few are greater than the many, in this situation! I suggest a 2-hour slot to begin with, which is followed by a brief written precis of what is suggested and then it’s up to you where you take it. If I’m hired, the fee is taken off the final bill, and if not you will have time to think about the project to take it to the next stage, and if required, I can advise further and help with purchase and development. Discounts then kick in on trade purchase, often reducing your final costs down to more than the design fee but giving you a higher quality of fixture and fitting and of course overall design and quality.

For a quick chat about this please give me a call on 0207 101 0681 or email me on

Kind Regards

Nick Sunderland