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Posted by Nick Sunderland | 22nd July 2015

Nicholas Sunderland Interiors are recognised as one of the high end luxury interior designers in London, and as such it is important we use the best products and services for our clients. Part of our brief is always to include works of Art, either existing or new, but cost can vary enormously. Most of us would love to adorn our homes with original signed works of art when designing our homes interiors, but relatively few of us actually take the plunge and buy it. This seems to stem from the traditional perception that original art is prohibitively expensive and solely for the privileged few. We asked Mary Sheridan of Affordable Art Online to share her insight.

However, with the aApples and Studio Vase --99. By Steve Driver (www.original-art-under100)dvent of online art galleries offering original works at “affordable prices”, things are beginning to change, as more and more artists take to web-based galleries as low cost way to get their work seen by a wide audience.

Original Art Under £ ( ) has a particularly interesting angle on the market – especially for those on a tight budget. As our name suggests, we only exhibit original works for sums under £100. We now have over 90 member artists exhibiting in excess of 800 original pieces (all for under £100). The telegraph was so taken with the concept and the quality of the work on offer, that they ran a large piece on the site in their Money section last year: the Light --99. Sheryl Roberts (www.original-art-under100)n7bn

Although there are some real art bargains to be had online – which is great news all round, there are however a number of pitfalls too. One of the biggest issues we face at Original Art Under £ is that that buyers don’t always read the detail properly before ordering. Thus, a dimensions-check is an absolute must, as is an understanding of the delivery charges – especially if you’re buying from an artist who exhibits from overseas, as thesfoxbearballerina- --40e can be very high indeed. Remember too, that although you might adore an artwork when you see it on your computer screen, consider for a moment whether it will work on your wall with your colour scheme at home.

A number of sites like Original Art Under £ offer a no-quibble 14 day returns policy, which pretty much removes the risk on the part of buyers – so you should think carefully if the site you’re buying from doesn’t offer this, especially if you’re paying a considerable sum foe the artwork.

In terms of the profile of on-line affordable art buyers, we’ve noticed a recent upsurge in the number of interior designers who use us to acquire original art in bulk. It seems that their clients are much more receptive to commissioning design schemeJoad by Simon Kyrkes that are furnished throughout in original, signed artwork – especially when they advise their clients they would be paying much more for mass produced prints!

By Mary Sheridan, Co-Director, Original Art Under £

Nicholas Sunderland